Atlanta Uber Eats Driver Shoots And Kills Customer.

An Uber Eats driver was arrested for killing a customer after delivering food to a man’s home over the weekend.

The shooting happened at around 11:30 p.m. ET Saturday in a condominium complex in the city’s Buckhead neighborhood, police said. Robert Bivines, 36, of Atlanta turned himself in Monday afternoon, his lawyer said.

A judge told Robert she couldn’t give him a bond since he faces felony murder and aggravated assault charges.

Bivines lowered his head as the charges against him were read out loud. Jones said Bivines’ eyes began to water as he heard he wouldn’t be getting a bond. He then took a seat and used a towel to wipe away his tears.

“He cannot stop crying,” Bivines’ attorney Jackie Patterson told Jones.

Patterson said this incident has devastated his client.

Potential employees are subject to a driving history screening, and, if cleared, undergo a criminal background check in national, state and local databases, according to the Uber website.

The company said Bivines passed a background check and had been with the delivery company for only a week before the deadly shooting. 


Was it murder or self-defense?