New Mixtape: Blac Youngsta – “FU*K EVERYBODY 2”.

Prior to the release of 2018’s 223 album, Blac Youngsta was known primarily for his Instagram exploits, be they causing scenes in big-box department stores or throwing around bricks of cash. If 223 proved anything, it’s that the Memphis standout could translate that same outsized personality (as well as that penchant for flossing) into bona fide hits. Fu*k Everybody 2—a sequel to 2016’s Fuck Everybody—finds the rapper exploring concepts such as revolutionizing drug distribution (“Drive Thru”), listing the many things a man of his stature cannot abide (“Uh Uh”), and affirming a sort of streetwise woke-ness, remarking on “901” that “Martin Luther King got killed in the city/That’s why I don’t trust sh*t in the city.”

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