3 Year-Old Boy Beaten To Death For Drinking From Milk Jug.


3-Year-Old Xavier Mokarzel-Satchel was beaten to death last week after drinking from a jug of milk.

Xavier was rushed  taken to Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital when he was found
unconscious inside an apartment on Silver Star Road.

An arrest report said that on the night of the child’s murder, his mother, Brandi Mokarzel, said she had woken up to the sound of her girlfriend’s mom, Callene Barton, yelling at the 3-year-old for drinking from a milk jug and eating yogurt.

Mokarzel told deputies she witnessed her girlfriend, Lakesha Lewis, beating the toddler with a plastic rod used to turn window blinds, according to the arrest report.

After taking her son to her bedroom, Mokarzel said Barton then grabbed the boy by his arm and leg and threw him down a hallway,causing his neck to turn, the document said.  Xavier then began shaking like he was having a seizure, the report said.

Xavier  later died, sheriff’s officials said.