Chris Brown He Could Face Up To 6 Months For Owning Pet Monkey Without Permit..

According to TMZ  Singer Chris Brown might be facing charges for owning a pet monkey without a permit.

Breezy’s pet monkey has been taken away from him for illegally owning the animal by the California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife.

Early last month the singer took to his instagram page to introduced his new pet Capuchin monkey to the world. 

Chris Brown later named his monkey Fiji, and his daughter Royalty was so excited to welcome the Capuchin.. 

Some people started to criticize Brown believing the animal shouldn’t be around Royal because it can be dangerous for a young child.

Some people complained to authorities about Brown owning the pet, which prompted the investigation, according to TMZ. Brown reportedly complied when officials came to his house to search for the animal, which remains in good health.

The Los Angeles City Attorney is now handling the situation. If Brown is charged with owning a restricted species without the proper documentation, he could face up to six months behind bars.