Colorado Women Caught Trying to Feed Neighbor’s Dog Poisoned Meat.

Colorado Women Caught Trying to Feed Neighbor's Dog Poisoned Meat.

A Colorado women who was caught on camera throwing poisoned meat at her neighbor’s dog pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges.

Police believe Margaret Werker, 73 soaked ground chicken meat in anti-freeze and and tossed it over the fence in early April because of a ‘barking issue.’

Lucky the meat got stuck in the fence and Wrigley couldn’t get to it. 

Video provided by the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region shows a woman approaching the fence separating her yard from her neighbor’s yard and trying to fling something over the barrier.

The dog, Wrigley, can be seen walking up to the fence, sniffing around at the ground as the item gets stuck on the top of the fence.

The neighbor viewed the footage and then called the cops and reported that Werker seemed to be trying to poison the dog. 

Once the meat was tested, it was revealed that it had been contaminated with anti-freeze.