Kim Kardashian-Hollywood – iOS / Android Gameplay Trailer.

Kim Kardashian is already one of the biggest stars in the world, but if all is to be believed, her global domination is about to go digital.

The reality TV beauty looks set to appear in her own video game after what looked like a teaser on Instagram.

In the image, fans can see a cartoon version of the busty brunette in a white gown, alongside a logo reading ‘Kim Kardashian Hollywood’.

She wrote: “Sneak peek from my upcoming project! Super excited about this! #KimKardashian”

It’s not clear what exactly the game will involve – maybe it’ll be Kim K as a Lara Croft-style adventurer, or a female James Bond?

There’s no news on whether it’ll be a proper PC or console project, however it’s much more likely that it’ll be an app for mobile gamers to get their Kardashian fix.