Bodycam: LA Deputy Punches Woman Holding Her Baby In The Face.

Bodycam: LA Deputy Punches Woman Holding Her Baby In The Face.

Los Angeles County released Bodycam footage on Wednesday which shows a Deputy punching a woman in the face while holding her three-week infant.

The incident occurred in Palmdale last year on  July 14 during a traffic stop in which deputies allege the car did not have any headlights on while driving in the area.

Officers say that the driver smelled like alcohol and four other passengers of the vehicle, all women, were holding infants.

There were no car seats for the babies in the vehicle. As a result, deputies on scene made the discretionary decision to arrest the passengers and the driver for felony child endangerment. 

Via Police activity (Youtube)

The male driver was also arrested for driving suspended license and driving under the influence of alcohol. Additional deputies and a supervising sergeant arrived to assist with the traffic stop. During the arrests of the females a use of force occurred on two of the women to affect the arrest and gain control of the infants. One of these uses of force involved a mother and her three-week-old infant, who was refusing to let go of her child. During the encounter a deputy punched the female twice in the face. The deputy was relieved of duty. This use of force was assigned to the Internal Affairs Bureau for an investigation shortly after the incident.