Man accused of shooting up McDonald’s customer over sauce.

Man accused of shooting up McDonald’s customer over sauce.

A Florida man was arrested after he shot a Mc Donald’s customer who tried to stop an argument over not getting sauce.

According to Pasco County 48-year-old Wesley Lee Bullock of Zephyrhills, was arrested and charged with armed burglary with battery and aggravated assault with a firearm.

Bullock became enraged in a drive-thru window and began shouting at employees over not receiving sauce, 19-year-old Justin Garlitis who was waiting for his food stepped in to stop the altercation, but found himself allegedly taking the brunt of Bullock’s rage.

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Garlitis said he was concerned for the employees’ safety, so he confronted Bullock and asked him to calm down, to no avail. That’s when Bullock allegedly became violent, choking and punching Garlitis. The teen eventually broke free and tried to flee the scene to a nearby gas station, but Bullock pursued him in his Mercedes.

Garlitis said Bullock cut him off and their vehicles hit one another. That’s when Bullock allegedly exited his vehicle and brandished a silver handgun. Garlitis told police that Bullock aimed the weapon at his forehead and pulled the trigger, but, thankfully, the gun failed to fire.

Police said Bullock then resorted to pistol-whipping Garlitis with the gun before trying to fire it again. The affidavit said Garlitis was able to grab the weapon this time around and partially thwarted the attack, but it ultimately fired during the struggle and his pinky finger was struck.

Police wrote that surveillance footage and witness interviews backed up Garlitis’ account of what happened, and Bullock was arrested the following day on charges of aggravated assault with a firearm and armed burglary.