Man Drives Into A House With His Car And Chases People With Pickaxe.

Man Drives Into A House With His Car And Chases People With Pickaxe.

A man has been arrested after he crashed his car into a Lake Forest home before smashing his way into his own house, grabbing a pickaxe, and chopping his way into a terrified roommate’s bedroom. 

Video shows a Kia sedan being driven at speed down an otherwise quiet suburban street before midday on Monday. Moments later, a large crash can be heard.

Cameras show Tyler Graves running down the street. He then ran to a home in the 22100 block of Pheasant Street, where he rents a room. There, cameras captured him trying to ram the door in with his shoulder.

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A roommate of Graves said that he then went after a gardener in a neighbor’s yard before returning to the house and trying to break into the roommate’s room with the axe. From inside his bedroom, the roommate can be heard screaming for help. The roommate, who did not want to be identified, said he called 911 just before Graves is seen entering his room.

“He kept hitting it harder and harder. I noticed that he was starting to get tired, so I tried to look for a good point in time where he might want to take a little break from swinging the axe for a second and when he did that, I swung the door open and kind of disarmed him,” the roommate told KTLA.

After getting the axe away, he says he tried to calm Graves down, and that when deputies arrived, they initially thought that he was the attacker.

“So, I dropped the axe and got down on the ground and complied with them and at that point, the attacker came up behind me while I was laying on the ground. And he picked up the axe again,” the roommate explained.

Deputies with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department said they used non-lethal force to subdue Graves and take him into custody.