Woman Assaults 11-Year-Old Black Boy For Using Pool.

Woman Assaults 11-Year-Old Black Boy For Using Pool

Kimberly Jennings, 62, of North Carolina arrested and charged with two counts of simple assault on a 11 Year-Old boy . 

According to 11-year-old Jace Eury, he and his sister Jayla were invited over to play in the apartment complex pool when Jennings, who is the property manager, hit her.

Jennings allegedly told the two kids to leave, as the pool was for residents only and the children were playing by the pool without adult supervision, which isn’t allowed.

Jace explained that Jennings had approached him and his sister and told them to leave, before grabbing Jayla’s hair and hitting her.

Kim was later apprehended by law enforcement after the assault was caught on surveillance video.

Jace Eury said Jennings then poured Coke on him and hit him with a bottle twice.

His parents is filing a federal lawsuit.