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Officer Attacked Inside His Police Cruiser Before Deadly Shooting.

Officer Attacked Inside His Police Cruiser Before Deadly Shooting.

A Newport News man was fatally shot in Northern Virginia after “violently attacking” an officer inside his police cruiser, officials say.

A Fairfax County police officer was investigating a U-Haul truck at a gas station that had been reported stolen.

The officer on the scene later approached 38-year-old Brandon Lemagne who was standing next to the truck on Thursday and was immediately shoved and attacked through his vehicle after telling him he was being detained for the stolen truck.

Video obtain by @Killmoenetwork (Twitter) shows Lemagne on top of the officer, attacking him. The cruiser then reversed out of control into the parking lot of a neighboring McDonald’s restaurant, where it hit a parked car.

At that point the officer broadcast calls for help saying the man had his gun.

Other officers arrived at the scene after the crash. One officer opened fire on Lemagne. A second officer charged toward the crashed police vehicle believing the officer inside had been shot.

That officer reached into the police car and pulled Lemagne off of the officer who was being attacked. The officer pulled out their firearm and shot the suspect. Lemagne died at the scene.