Oklahoma Women Caught Smashing Over 25 headstones.

Oklahoma Women Caught Smashing Over 25 headstones.

A Oklahoma woman was arrested after she was caught smashing over 25 headstones at a local cemetery.

29-year-old Karina Escobar can be seen on video shouting to the top of her lungs while destroying the stones with a hammer at a local cemetery in Britton.

Via (okcfox.com)

In the video Sawyer took, you can see 29-year-old Karina Escobar vandalizing the headstones and shouting.

“She was just saying weird things like cussing and making the sign of like crosses on her chest and like laying all the tombstones and she was doing this for about couple hours,” Sawyer said. “It’s very, very disrespectful…My heart goes out to the families that have to deal with that now.”

The cemetery says this is not the first time Escobar has been caught hammering headstones.

“We received a call late Saturday afternoon from a business here in the area that there was a woman in the cemetery doing damage to the headstones,” said the manager of Britton Cemetery, Tom Demuth. “I came up here within just a few minutes but there was nobody here, then about an hour and a half later, the person called back and said she is in the cemetery doing damage again.”

Escobar was arrested on complaints of malicious injury to property and injury to a cemetery.