Teen Stabbed His Stepdad Then Posted Video Of The Murder On Snapchat.

Aurora, Colorado teen is behind bars after he allegedly stabbed his stepfather to death then later posted the aftermath on his snapchat.

According to Dailymail 19 year-old Nickolas Vinson got into a heated argument with his stepdad Oscar Lemar Owensby, 50 over him doing chores on Friday.

Police say he lashed out and stabbed him multiple times with a seven-inch blade that had a brass-knuckle-like handle.

Owensby, who worked at a local family sports bar, suffered stab wounds to the back, neck and shoulder.

The argument allegedly began with the man asking his stepson to do more chores and contribute to household expenses.They had been arguing over text message until Nickolas, whose family call him Nick,  arrived home and confronted him.

According to police records, he summoned Owensby to his basement bedroom and plunged a seven-inch blade into his back, shoulders and neck several times.

His mother Celena ran downstairs and was filmed when he began his Snapchat video, standing over her partner screaming ‘Lemar can you hear me? No!’.Nick fled in a car but was later arrested by police.

Owensby died in hospital.It is not clear who called police first but the mother of a girl who viewed the Snapchat video alerted authorities to it.