Video Of Man Getting Tased With Kids In The Car, Police Busting Window Out.

man gets tased while with child

Family cellphone video shows Hammond police officers breaking the car window and using taser, police officer in Illinois was filmed smashing through a car window, tasering and yanking out a passenger after he refused to show ID during a routine traffic stop.

“I said ‘oh my God, he’s pulling me over like I robbed a bank,’” Mahone told reporters while describing the incident, adding “The whole situation was just crazy.”

“I gave him my license and insurance. I also let him know at the beginning to please hurry up because my mom is about to die,” Mahone is heard saying in the video to a 9/11 operator she had called.

When the cops demanded ID from Jones, he initially refused, but following more insistence from the cops, reached for a bag in an attempt to find ID and a ticket that he had recently been issued by police. This action promoted the police to draw weapons on the family.

“I don’t know you and I don’t know what you’re going to do,” an officer said to Jones. He responded, “That’s why I have my windows up. I’m not no harm to you right now. I got my kids in the car and you’re drawing your weapon.”

“I am scared. And the man–pulled a gun out. A gun! Why do my kids have to see that,” Mahone told 911.

“So once the kids were scared, I wasn’t gonna get out of the car and leave my kids in the car. He was being so aggressive.” Jones explained.

FOX 32 News Chicago