Woman murdered her husband by pouring boiling water over him.

A woman brutally murdered her husband by pouring boiling water and sugar over him.

59 Year-Old Corinna Smith was sentenced 12 years to life on Friday for fatally throwing boiling water on her elderly husband after she believed he abused her children.

Smith was found guilty last month of murdering Michael Baines, 81, at their home in the town of Neston, England.

She mixed 3 kilograms of sugar into a bucket of water, dumped it on the sleeping Baines as he slept, reaching his arms and torso, according to officers.

He initially survived in tremendous pain, and police found him with the skin on his right arm and hand peeling off, authorities said.

“Michael was taken to hospital and remained in the burns unit for two weeks in a stable condition before he deteriorated and passed away,” police said.