Florida Man Claims He Broke Into Home To Hide From Ghost.

Florida Man Claims He Broke Into Home To Hide From Ghost.

Florida officers arrested Andrew George for breaking into a house because he claimed he was being chased by a ghost, Daytona Beach police say.

Last week George was charged with two counts of burglary after dispatchers were called to a Daytona Beach home for a shooting, but it turned out to be a burglary. When cops arrived, they found a man laying on his back on the front steps of the home covered in blood and crying out in pain.

His alleged accomplice, Natasha Kachuroi, was standing over him, officers said.

While speaking with George and Kachuroi, officers learned that they’ve purchased a nearby room at Travel Inn. The pair claims that after being in the room for 30- minutes they heard someone opening a window trying to break in. 

The two immediately demanded a refund, while arguing for several minutes. They were refunded from the motel manager, but moments later, George and Kachuroi observed a “shadow” behind them. Thinking it was the person who was “breaking into their room,” the two ran across the street in an attempt to hide from the shadow, they allegedly asserted.

Court records state that both the two then fled toward Beach Street while believing that they was being followed.

The pair began running around the parking lot of the Halifax Marina due to being chased by an unknown person, and George became separated when he ran away and fell into the water.

Kachuroi thought George fell into the water, so she allegedly helped him out and the two ran to a neighborhood across the street, according to the police report.

Still fearing he was being chased by the ghost, he approached a few homes and banged on their front doors screaming for help, according to documents. Kachuroi allegedly said at one point George grabbed a chair and smashed it through one of the home’s window, then punched open a window.

The people living inside called 911 and threatened to stab him with a kitchen knife if he didn’t leave, officers say. George allegedly told officers “he couldn’t get in to the home due to god telling him the female was a bad person to hang out with.” The suspect also told officers he heard children’s voices and didn’t want to scare a child, according to documents.

George admitted to taking Molly also known as ecstasy  and “that is why he believes god was not protecting him from making bad choices.”